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book by Page Morgan (view book)
As promised, this book certainly was unique in its own little way.  It had drama, romance, action, mystery...let’s just say that it kept me on the edge of my seat.  It introduced some points that I have never thought of before. more
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Ages: 12 and up
book by Willo Davis Roberts (view book)
This book was a very quick book to read because it only had 140 pages. It wasn't really a page turner, however, I finished it in almost one sitting. The story kept you wondering what would happen next because of the different plot line. I also more
Genres: Fiction, Mystery
Ages: 12 and up
book by Bernice Hunter (view book)
Tiny details like descriptions of blackout curtains, buying of war bonds, and letters that arrive unreadable because of censoring provide realistic descriptions of civilian life in wartime; while other details also keep the story rooted in the more
Genres: Chick Lit, Fiction, Historical Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Jeanne DuPrau (view book)
I thought this book was well written and a great conclusion to the City of Ember series. I thought it was neat how the author wrote the third book, The Prophet of Yonwood, about what had happened in the past, kind of like a flashback to the world more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Series
Ages: 8 - 12
book by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (view book)
Interview: Jennifer Lynn Barnes more
Genres: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by George Bryan Polivka (view book)
The Hand That Bears the Sword is the second book in the Trophy Chase Trilogy. It is filled from the first page to the last with action, adventure, and a beautiful portrait of God's perfect love. Some parts are a little bit gory, but other than more
Genres: Faith-based, Fantasy
Ages: 12 and up
book by Greg Taylor (view book)
When I said the story revolves around Regina Bloomsbury, I meant utterly revolves around. Every single change in her emotion is parroted back through poorly conceived slang use thats a decade ahead of the Beatles and many too far behind to be taken more
Genres: Fantasy
Ages: 12 and up
by Willo Davis Roberts
When she is left alone in her family house on Lake Michigan, eleven-year-old Mandy is left to deal with her feelings of loss over the death of her beloved twin sister, yet when two boys stumble into her life and tell her that they are running away more
Genres: Fiction, Mystery
Ages: 12 and up
by Kara Thomas
"Gripping from start to finish . . . with twists that left me shocked."—Victoria Aveyard, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Red Queen For fans of Gillian Flynn and Pretty Little Liars, The Darkest Corners is a psychological thriller about the more
Genres: Fiction, Mystery
Ages: Mature Young Adult
by Lia Brent
Tess the princess dress is Grace's most loved birthday gift. Grace and Tess are best friends. They do everything together. But when the weather turns chilly, Grace trades Tess in for a warm coat. Tess is left behind in a closet in the hall. What more
Genres: Fantasy, Juvenile Fiction, Series
Ages: Any Age


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