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book by Allan Wolf (view book)
I am really at a loss at how to describe this book.  It was stunning.  Amazing.  Heartbreaking.  Powerful.  It was all the same yet completely different.  This book was an emotional rollercoaster for me.   I more
Genres: Historical Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Diana Pharaoh Francis (view book)
The Black Ship is a book that can be read by adventure and action lovers alike. The vocabulary used is of a high quality and highlights the skill of Diana Pharaoh Francis. In the beginning, there are many events and pieces of the storyline that more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Ages: 12 and up
book by Will Summerhouse (view book)
I would describe this book as inconsistent. In some parts, it was airtight, truly incredible writing. In others, it was all in pieces. There was explosive dialogue with a wonderful addend of dialect, but, then, there were too many inside more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Juvenile Fiction
Ages: 8 - 12
book by David M. Salkin (view book)
Crescent Fire is a very good book. It starts off a bit slow, but once you get into it, it's hard to put it down. I've never read a book like it, so I can't really compare it to anything. This book is one-of-a-kind. I took every extra bit more
Genres: Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Todd Strasser (view book)
I thought that The Beast of Cretacea was a great book.  I liked the way the author, Todd Strasser, described the characters and the different worlds.  Also, I thought that most of the characters were believable, in the sense that they could more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by E. C. Blake (view book)
The book Shadows, by E. C. Blake was a fantastic story describing a power struggle between those without magic and those with it. Blake’s idea of magic was interesting. It intrigued me that magic was found in a black stone and the human using more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Series
Ages: 12 and up
book by Stephen S. Power (view book)
I thought this book was great.  It had me hooked from the very beginning and didn’t let me go until the epic conclusion.  Even then, it left me wanting more, and I hope that there will be another book.  The author, Stephen S. more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by J.L. McCreedy (view book)
I really liked Liberty Frye and the Sails of Fate. It did not disappoint and was just as exciting as the first book. The author, J. L. McCreedy, masterfully crafted a book full of action, adventure, and suspense that commanded my attention from more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Juvenile Fiction, Science Fiction, Series
Ages: 8 - 12
by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Gifted with the magical ability to navigate Crosspointe's deadly seas, Thorn is banned from sailing when the Pilots' Guild betrays him and is forced to served on a cursed vessel where he must battle against a mad captain, a mutinous crew, and a more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Ages: 12 and up
book by Matt de la Peña (view book)
This is a great book. Matt De La Peña's The Hunted is a page turner that I am not likely to forget. It has a fast paced plot line and characters that are intriguing and relatable, and I found it was hard not to get attached to them. more
Genres: Adventure, Environment, Fiction, Mystery
Ages: 12 and up


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