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book by Cecily von Ziegesar (view book)
I thought the newest edition of Gossip Girl was good. It started off a little slow for me in the beginning, but once I got further into the story, I couldn't put it down. With the ending, I can't wait till the next one comes out. I have a more
Genres: Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance, Series
Ages: 12 and up
by Cecily von Ziegesar
Welcome to New York City's Upper East Side, where the girls are dazzling, the guys are gorgeous, and the summer heat is the perfect excuse to throw a fabulous roof-deck pool party. As if we need a reason!It's our last summer together before heading more
Genres: Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance, Series
Ages: 12 and up
book by M. M. Anderson (view book)
Werewolf Dreams stands well against the many supernatural books that are out there to be read. I have read many werewolf themed books but this one gave new life to the Genre, there is pretty much everything in Werewolf dreams; action, romance, comedy more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Humor
Ages: 12 and up
book by Wakefield Mahon (view book)
I liked the story of the book, but I feel like the character develpment was weak. Raven, the main antagonist, came out of nowhere. Her backstory was never explained and I think if her character was better developed the book would be much more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Ages: 8 - 12
book by Marge Pellegrino (view book)
This book was interesting because it was realistic. Many of the experiences of Tomasa's family seem like experiences any refugee could have. This realism is probably partially because the author has worked with immigrants before. However, in most more
Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
by Janet McLaughlin
Dreams aren’t real. Psychic teen Zoey Christopher knows the difference between dreams and visions better than anyone, but ever since she and her best friend returned from spring vacation, Zoey’s dreams have been warning her that Becca is in danger. more
Genres: Paranormal, Special
Ages: 12 and up
book by Emily Ford (view book)
Genres: Paranormal
Ages: 12 and up
book by Shawn L. Bird (view book)
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Series
Ages: Mature Young Adult
book by Ting-xing Ye (view book)
Wow. Wow and amazingly good. That's really all I can say about this book. For this author to be able to go through what she did and then write about it is truly amazing to me. My Name is Number Four is a shockingly true poetic novel that will more
Genres: Biography, Historical Nonfiction, Nonfiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Susan Hughes (view book)
This graphic novel did a great job in giving the biographies of seven strong willed women who chose to live as men to fulfill their dreams. These women accomplished things that most men wished they could do; one performed the first successful more
Genres: Anthology, Biography
Ages: 12 and up


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