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book by Susan Hughes (view book)
This graphic novel did a great job in giving the biographies of seven strong willed women who chose to live as men to fulfill their dreams. These women accomplished things that most men wished they could do; one performed the first successful more
Genres: Anthology, Biography
Ages: 12 and up
by Susan Hughes
A female pharaoh? A woman general in the Kahn's army? A female Viking raider? No way, you say? Look again. Appearances can be deceiving... Based on legends, poems, letters and first-hand accounts, these seven biographical tales tell of women who more
Genres: Anthology, Biography
Ages: 12 and up
book by Kiki Thorpe (view book)
I am only ten years old but, I I thought this book was very simple with a plot that left a lot to be desired. I don't think girls much older than eight would really like it. I think it would be a good book for girls who are just starting to read more
Genres: Fantasy, Juvenile Fiction
Ages: 8 - 12
book by Debra Moffitt (view book)
Overall, I did like the book. The author did a great job with the writing, and although the book was pretty predictable, she did a great job building in humor. My advice to you is that if you're the kind of person for which a predictable book more
Genres: Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Amy Reed (view book)
The Nowhere Girls is a book that pulls you in from the moment you begin reading, and it never lets up. The book is told through a series of point of views that include the three main characters, a few smaller characters, and “Us.” I more
Genres: Chick Lit, Fiction
Ages: Adult
book by Kate Brian (view book)
I thought this book was great! Kate Brian gets better and better with every book she writes. Private exceeded my expectations. Once I started this, I finished it in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Reed was an interesting character to read more
Genres: Chick Lit, Fiction, Juvenile Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Andrew Clements (view book)
This book is fabulous for the reading age that it is written for. It teaches a great lesson of what some quiet time can actually do for a person. It also teaches the fifth grade girls and the boys in the story, that really, neither one is better than more
Genres: Adventure, Juvenile Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Jun Yuzuki (view book)
Genres: Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance, Series
Ages: Mature Young Adult
book by Ken Akamatsu (view book)
I thought this manga was extremely interesting and entertaining. The plot line was one that I thought that I had read about multiple times, yet the author was able to put a spin on the vampires and magic idea. I believe that the characters could be more
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Manga/Graphic Novel
Ages: 12 and up
book by M. E. Kerr (view book)
If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever? was a great book. It surprised me a bit because when I read all the summaries and reviews, it seemed like the story would be told from Duncan's point of view, but it was actually from Alan's. It allowed more
Genres: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction
Ages: 12 and up


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