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book by Ella James (view book)
Genres: Paranormal
Ages: 12 and up
by Ella James
A ROMANTIC MYSTERY FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR ELLA JAMES...-Nominated Best YA Fantasy at the 2012 UtopYA Book Convention.-"Wow! This first novel in the Here series is amazing!" -Hooked in a Book-"What an imaginative and unexpected story. I more
Genres: Paranormal
Ages: 12 and up
Genres: Science Fiction
Ages: Mature Young Adult
book by Ruth White (view book)
This book was like a modern version of The Giver, by Lois Lowry. There are many differences, of course, but I believe the overall idea is the same. It was a little odd for my tastes, but was still a good book. Every part was exciting , and there were more
Genres: Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Amy K. Nichols (view book)
Let's get something straight: I don't like science. Science fiction? Yes. But science class? That's a different story. Yet throughout Now That You're Here, Nichols expertly blends science fiction with, well, actual science, more
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Romance
Ages: 12 and up
book by Helen Phillips (view book)
This book was awesome! I loved it! It had mystery, adventure, and a little romance. It also had some Spanish, and I thought that was pretty cool. The author did a great job describing the scenes, and I could see them in my mind. Overall, this is a more
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction
Ages: 8 - 12
book by Matt De La Peña (view book)
This is the best book I have ever read in my whole life. Matt de la Pena, made the book connect with readers and had a very interesting story behind it all. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good story, with a thrill around every corner. more
Genres: Adventure, Fiction, Juvenile Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Ema Toyama (view book)
I believe that i am here! accurately describes the life of a young girl who is a loner. The reader instantly feels sympathy for Sumino as she encounters other students who run into her or claim that they never saw her because she is invisible. more
Genres: Manga/Graphic Novel
Ages: 12 and up
book by Andrew MacQuarrie (view book)
Ok, where to begin…..this novel was solid.  Not a classic, not stupendous, not a Mark-Twain-and Jane-Austen-have-nothing-on-me kind of book.  But it was solid, nonetheless.  The good and the bad seemed to kind of balance each more
Genres: Faith-based, Fiction
Ages: 12 and up
book by Denise Vega (view book)
I didn't really like this book. I found that I did not enjoy the author's style and Erin's personality . She kind of reminded me of a more modern, female Charlie Brown. Only she wasn't as hopeless. more
Genres: Fiction, Humor, Juvenile Fiction
Ages: Any Age


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