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Our review packages are changing.

Please email us at "team [at] litpick [dot] com" if you are interested in having us review

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General information about our review process

Please do not send us review copies before emailing us for instructions.

Once we receive information about your book, the book will be posted on an internal online book list.  This list of books available for review by our students and adults is accessed by our student and adult book reviewers after they log into LitPick. Our student and adult reviewers request books they want to review from this student and adult book list, and when your book is chosen by a student or adult, it will promptly be sent to them. After a student or adult reviews a book and their book review is posted on LitPick, we will email the individual who sent us the review book to inform them that their book has been reviewed and that the review appears on LitPick. There is no fee for having your book reviewed through our standard review process.

Besides promoting reading and writing among students and adults, we like to help authors and publishers promote their books and book reviews.

eBooks     Student book reviewers on LitPick will review eBooks

Yes, our students and adults will review eBooks. This format is becoming increasingly popular among our student and adult  book reviewers. We prefer to receive eBooks as a pdf file, but we will accept other formats. The review books sent to us by authors and publishers, whether print or eBooks, will be reviewed a limited number of times by our reviewers. Please be assured that we explicitly warn our student and adult reviewers about the illegality of piracy.

Embryo-books and manuscripts

Yes, our reviewers will even review embryo-books and manuscripts. 
Would you like feedback on some initial chapters of your book or on a manuscript?  For $45.00 (up to 100 pages) or $65.00 (over 100 pages), our student and adult reviewers are available to review what you have and give you their thoughts. 
Please contact us for details.