Violent Ends review by JesusFreak
Violent Ends
by Neal Shusterman, Elisa Nader, E. M. Kokie, Mindi Scott, Margie Gelbwasser, Christine Johnson, Hannah Moskowitz, Trish Doller, Blythe Woolston, Tom Leveen, Steve Brezenoff, Delilah S. Dawson, Courtney Summers, Kendare Blake, Beth Revis, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Brendan Shusterman, Shaun David Hutchinson
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 16
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Kirby Matheson seemed like a sweet, average boy. That is, until he walked into school and took out a loaded gun. However, this isn’t a story about the tragedy that happened that day at Middleborough High School. This is about the events that led Kirby Matheson to turn into what he became that fateful day. Told from seventeen different points of view, this book is sure to make your jaw drop.


When I began reading this book, I was curious as to how all the viewpoints from different characters would play into the story. As I read each account, I found myself becoming more and more engrossed in the book. Each author brings a different style of writing and varying characters, which I liked a lot. I found all the characters to be believable and very well-written. The plot moved along swiftly but it didn’t feel rushed, which is always a good thing.

Throughout the book, it truly made me think about what a situation like that could do to a person. How would I react if I was in the shoes of the characters? Would I react as they did, or would I react entirely differently?

With awe-inspiring point of views from various authors, this book is incredible. Violent Ends is sure to amaze.

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Content rating - mature content

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There are quite a few uses of explicit swear words as well as other minor curse words. A few of the accounts in this book describe the shooting first-hand, which can be bloody and disturbing. There are a few sexual situations, however the scenes end before anything explicit is described.

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