A Twist of Fate review by Booklover1111
#7 A Twist of Fate (The Mostly Miserable Life of April Sinclair)
by Natasha Shaloshvili, Laurie Friedman
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Adventure

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April is living a normal life until she goes out for supper with her family and gets a strange message in her fortune cookie. The message simply states:There is much rain before a rainbow. April wonders what it means but doesn’t think about it too hard and shrugs it off. The next day April’s whole family goes to her grandparent's house for dinner. Nothing seems unusual until her grandma announces she has cancer. April is shocked. Instead of going through treatment her grandma chooses to do something on her bucket list: take her family skiing in the mountains. April is really excited to spend time with her family. Things start to change however when her best friend Sophie starts to ignore her, and her family starts acting differently. April will need to get used to it along with some other disasters. She is starting to think that fortune cookies might just be true. Will April make it through her troubles?


I choose this book because the cover caught my eye. It was just a sign on a chunk of ice and it made me think, “Oh, I wonder what this book is about?” I didn’t realize that this is the seventh book of the series therefore I was confused about how the characters tied together and had a hard time figuring out how old they each were. The book did jump around from past to present and it was a little confusing. I liked April’s grandma, Gaga, because she was a brave and strong character. What kind of grandma who knows that she is going to die soon, would be brave enough to go skiing in the mountains? I thought that Gaga was an interesting character. Another thing I liked about the book was how the author described each character. I got to know each character better every chapter. I liked how each character was completely different from one another. I really enjoyed this book and I had fun going through the ups and downs in April’s life with her and I think that you will too.

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I was not offended by anything in the book. This book may be hard for younger readers because in the book it talks about cancer and dying.

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