Splinter review by Ampster
by Sasha Dawn
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 13
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Sami’s mother is gone. She’s been gone for years. She’s been missing for so long that people are losing hope that she’s alive. She has never contacted anyone, and no one has seen her in 10 years. Sami believes her mom is out there; it’s just that she didn’t want to have anything to do with Sami or her dad. But Sami knows one thing for certain; her dad didn’t kill her mom like everyone else has come to believe.
The investigation sparks once more as another woman comes into the picture and Sami starts to investigate on her own. As the mystery goes deeper than Sami anticipated, she must choose who to rely on. Should she stand by her dad until the end or believe what everyone else does? Did Sami’s dad really kill her mom, and if not, where is her mom now?


In the book Splinter by Sasha Dawn, we enter the mind of teenager Sami Lang. Her mom has been missing for 10 years, and everyone believes her to be dead. Sami is an ordinary teenager, which makes her easy to relate to. She, like many girls, wants her mother to be there for her, not somewhere else with some other family. I think the way Sami was portrayed made her an amazing protagonist. She was very curious, which is vital in a mystery book. She is also very stubborn and wouldn’t leave until she’s got all the important facts.


All of the abrupt plot twists kept me on my toes. Though many of the details seemed irrelevant, they all came together at the end like a beautiful puzzle. Dawn wrote with such precision, skill, and beauty.


The reveal at the end surprised me like I would guess it surprised everyone else.


The message I got from this book was holding on to those you love. Sami began to doubt her family and friends as the story progressed but came to realize that if you can’t trust the ones who love you the most, you can’t trust anyone.  


The book was very exciting, and I would highly recommend it to teenagers who like a good mystery with lots of suspense and heart-stopping realizations.


Content Rating:

Content rating - some mature content

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This is a kind of murder mystery that could scare some younger readers.




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