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Search (SEEK Book 1)
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
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Age at time of review - 17
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Keira is not your average seventeen-year-old girl. She works as a member of SEEK, an elite organization that hunts down the mystical Khayal. Keira’s life is going on as planned until she is sent to eliminate a boy named Jonathan. Having only ever killed the Khayal, Keira begins to question why they’ve sent her to kill a human. As Keira starts questioning the only truth she’s ever known, her world slowly starts crumbling around her. Who can she trust? Who can she love? And, most importantly, whose side should she be on?  


When I began reading this book, I was very intrigued by the storyline. The author was unique with her imagination and came up with a very interesting story. Though slow in a few parts, the majority of this novel was fast-paced and compelling.

Keira, the protagonist, was my favorite character in the book. She was a strong, powerful woman who frequently had to question where her loyalties lied. I felt that she was a very believable and independent character.

I would personally recommend this for ages 12+ instead of mature young adult. While a good story, the writing style still felt a little bit juvenile.

Overall, it’s an intriguing read that any pre-teen or teen will enjoy.

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Content rating - some mature content

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Occasional cursing and romantic scenes. There’s also quite a bit of violence.

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