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Paths to the Stars: Twenty-Two Fantastical Tales of Imagination
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy
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Paths to the Stars is a collection of short stories by Edward Willett. The stories take place in the future, in space. They are fantastical stories about worlds beyond our own. This collection consists of multiple short stories of science fiction and adventure. Read as Edward Willett masterfully crafts short tales of adventure and exploration.



I was happily surprised by Paths to the Stars. I don’t normally read short stories and was very wary of trying this book. However, I’m glad I gave it a chance.

I loved how pretty much every story in Paths to the Stars was intriguing, quick, and rarely boring. I loved how the plot moved so elegantly fast and how the characters were so different from those in a regular story. I think it helped that it was science fiction, so the author could really go as far as he wanted into the fictional realm.

I don’t normally like stories with aliens in them. I’m not sure why, but it seems to always make me roll my eyes. However, Paths to the Stars didn’t make me annoyed a single time, even though aliens were present multiple times throughout the stories. I think it’s the way the author, Edward Willett, carefully wrote them out. He didn’t make them sound outlandish or weird, like your average Martian. They were very well-thought-out and had purpose.

The author’s writing is absolutely beautiful. I must commend him for how beautifully all of his stories were written. The words just flowed off the page. It was an absolute delight to read.

Overall, Paths to the Stars is an elegant and beautiful collection of short stories. I recommend it for anyone ages 12+.


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Content rating - some mature content

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The stories are mostly geared toward a young adult audience. It’s probably best suited for 12+, though there is nothing very offensive.

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