Our Wild and Precious Lives review by JesusFreak
Our Wild and Precious Lives
by A.G. Russo
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Historical Fiction

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Melly and Tom are sibling War Brats. They’ve always stuck by each other, no matter what, especially when it comes to enduring their abusive father. While living on a North Carolina base, Melly and Tom get the news that their family will be leaving for an American Army base near Bavaria, Germany. Leaving behind their precious Aunt Deeny, the only real motherly figure the siblings have had, the family of four adventure out to an American base where they will be staying for three years. While there, the siblings form bonds with several of the other children there and face many hardships. 


One thing I loved about this book was one of the main characters, Melly. She was very feisty and stood up for herself. She was a very strong character who could be a role-model of sorts for other young readers. I also liked the character of Aunt Deeny. I wish I could have heard more about her, as the only time I really heard anything about her was in flashbacks.

I also liked that there were various diverse characters. I felt that there were just enough characters in this story. Not too many that I got confused as to who was who, but not too few that I grew bored.

One thing that I didn’t like about this story was that the author frequently drew scenes out too long or too little. Some scenes I wanted to hear more about, while other scenes continued for too long.

I liked how everything was tied up in the end and I was left with no questions. I felt that it was an appropriate ending, and I was satisfied with how the story concluded.

Overall, this is a great read for any reader aged 15+. If you love historical books, this is definitely the read for you.

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Content rating - mature content

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Various mentions of sex and a few sex scenes, but they’re non-explicit. Various uses of vulgar language. There are also a few war-time scenes that feature violence and bloody injuries.

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