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Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls
by Beth McMullen
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 13
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Abigail Hunter's life seems to turn upside down when her mother sends her to a boarding school in Connecticut called Mrs. Smith's School for Children. When trying to escape the school because of an awful punishment she receives, Abigail comes face to face with an enemy who wants something she doesn't have. After being saved by Mrs. Smith, she learns that the boarding school she attends is actually a cover for a spy school.  


Her mother, Jennifer Hunter, who is also a spy, has important information concerning the Ghost, an enemy with what seems like no weaknesses. Jennifer found his weakness, but the only catch is that her mother is missing. There are no signs of her anywhere. The Ghost is on the move and will stop at nothing to get the information Jennifer has to take him down. With the help of an annoying tech wiz from her class and her mortal enemy, Abigail is chosen to take on the mission. The problem though is that Mrs. Smith wants to lure Jennifer out of hiding—and Abigail is the perfect bait.



Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls reminded me of the book Spy School by Stuart Gibbs. They both had a main character who was a less than perfect spy, to say the least. They both also had an older girl who was a perfect image of what a spy should be.


This book was also different in many aspects, which made it an enjoyable book to read. I loved how relatable the characters were. Abigail was just a normal thirteen-year-old who only wanted to have friends, get good grades, and keep smiling. She wasn't an amazing spy right away and needed a lot of training, which made the book very realistic. The plot itself was quite simple but very fun. The book was an easy read but made me laugh and made me want to keep reading it.


I loved the puzzle part at the end, the betrayal, and the action-packed battle scenes.


All in all, this was a funny, easy-to-follow book that kept me smiling up until the very end and beyond. I would highly recommend this book to middle schoolers everywhere who are looking for a fun adventure.


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