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Lake Girl
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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Lily Lane anticipates an uneventful summer serving food at her local diner. That is, until she is killed. Instead of heading to heaven, however, she stays in a ghost-like state. She watches as the community finds her dead in a lake. Feeling like she is unable to affect the world, Lily feels hopeless that her murder will ever be solved. That is, until she meets a reporter who also happens to be her biological mother, Rose. They share a psychic connection. Together, will they be able to solve her murder?


I was very eager to begin this book. There have been quite a few books written about an after-death ghost-like experience. Usually it’s hit-or-miss. Lake Girl was definitely a hit!

The book was short and moved along quickly, which I felt was a good thing in this case. Oftentimes, books with themes such as those seen in Lake Girl will be drawn out to ad nauseum. However, Lake Girl was the perfect length. The author was able to use her verbiage in a way that the story moved at a quick enough speed without me being confused. I also loved how the story didn’t bore – it got right to the point and kept on moving.

The cover art of this book was also very pretty! I felt like the girl on the cover accurately portrayed the main character of the book.

The only thing I have to complain about would be that the main character wasn’t very likeable. She seemed like she used people a lot and didn’t really care much for others until after her death.

Overall, this book is a great, short read for younger readers ages 12+!


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The story revolves around a dead girl in a ghost-like state, however, there is nothing explicit ever described. Should be okay for anyone age 12+.

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