Invasion of the Ortaks: The Rebellion (Book 3) rev...
Invasion of the Ortaks:  Book 3 Rebellion
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 18
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The fight continues in the third installment of The Invasion of the Ortaks series. As the wicked Ortaks continue their fight against the mighty empires, people and elves unite to defend their homeland. Unlikely duos pair up in order to fight a great threat. But is it enough to win the battle? Will they succeed in defeating the Ortaks?


When I began reading, I was a bit worried that the author would add too many characters as I felt had been done in the previous books. However, that was not the case. This had to be my favorite installment of the series so far. The plot was fast-paced and I enjoyed it immensely. The author did a better job of introducing characters in this book than in previous ones. I liked how the characters had longer, more in-depth backstories and weren't just thrown in as filler. I especially liked the character of Tania. She was strong-willed and an intriguing character to read about. I'm looking forward to reading more about her in the next book.  

I was worried that I would grow tired of the storyline after two books, but that was not the case. The author did a fantastic job keeping the story interesting. 

Overall, this is an amazing addition to the Ortaks' universe that I would recommend to anyone who likes adventure or fantasy.


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Content rating - some mature content

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The majority of the book is fighting and battle sequences, so there is quite a bit of violence as well as threats of violence.

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