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The Inspiring Tale of Wilma Rudolph (Inspiring Tales)
Age Range - 5 - 8
Genre - Biography
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Wilma Rudolph came into the world small, weak, fragile, and seemingly unimportant. As the 20th child of 22, she became good at blending in. However, she was not unimportant, and soon, she would be in the spotlight. Early in her childhood, Wilma contracted polio, a disease that damages the spinal cord and can cause paralysis. Soon, Wilma could barely walk. But she didn’t give up. With hard work, determination, and a whole lot of strength, Wilma recovered. Not only did she walk again, but she learned how to run. She ran faster than every girl in her town; and after more practice and perseverance, she ran faster than every girl in the world.


Strength. Determination. Perseverance. Hope. When I read this short biography, those were the words that stood out to me. Those were the words that showed who Wilma Rudolph was. Even though everyone was telling her that she couldn't be great because of her skin color, gender, and disease, she proved that she could. She became a legend. I loved the message of the story and how it was portrayed. I think that the author did a great job with the poem format, and I would gladly read another book by this author.

Not only did I love the message of this story, but the biography aspect made it that much better. When you find out that a powerful story is true, it makes it so much more powerful. As a runner myself, this book really empowered me to persevere. Through Wilma Rudolph and the beautiful portrayal of her story by the author, Tory Locker, I learned that you don’t give up when things are hard. Even when the whole world is against you, telling you that you can’t, you have to prove to them that you can. When you’re going through a tough time, you might stumble and fall. That happens to everyone. However, it takes a true champion to get back up. Wilma Rudolph got back up. In this story, Tory Locker showed me, through Wilma Rudolph’s legacy, what it means to be great.

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