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The Greatest Wish
Age Range - 5 - 8
Genre - Juvenile Fiction
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Have you ever wished that you were a big, tough dinosaur or an awesome rocket ship soaring through the skies? Maybe you've dreamed of being a proud, beautiful peacock, or a graceful yet bold horse. Whatever your dream, this is a story just for people like you who want to be someone or something else.

In this book, you can choose your own dreams. From two choices, you can pick out who you would rather be. This is a choose your own adventure book where anything can happen. You could be a shark and roam the waters, or you could be a lovely rainbow and rule the skies.

Whatever the wish, this book can take you through a journey that makes you realize who you should really be.


The Greatest Wish takes you on a journey of wishes and self-acceptance. Yoshida does a lovely job convincing kids that the best thing they could possibly be is themselves. 

I thought the pictures were adorable and went very well with the words. The arrows on the sides that pointed to the next page to go based on the reader's choice were genius. I thought it was a great idea to take out words so kids could focus on the message.

The writing was fun, and I can see many kids enjoying it.

The best part of this book was definitely the message. The best thing that I could be is me. That message is so simple, yet so important for everyone, adults included. In the stress of daily life, and the pressure you feel to be who society wants you to be, you fall into the trap of changing who you are, to be who they want you to be. That is not okay. I think this book is great for showing people that they shouldn't try to be someone they aren't. The best person anyone can possibly be is oneself.

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