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The Game of VORs
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In The Game of VORs by Andrew Orange, a young man named Kier Vorsmith finds himself in a situation he never thought he would be in. Living in a middle-class home for all of his life and shunned by his father, Ariel Vorsmith, Kier has a seemingly impossible result become reality. After receiving a low score on the important CALL test, he finds himself reuniting with his mysterious and powerful father, who later tells him he is heir to the Vorsmith throne. However, he can only have reign of Vorsmith County after he attends a base tucked away in the artic, posing as an educated weatherman. This proves to be a bigger challenge than he imagines, as many people working at this base want nothing to do with Kier, and some only want him and his father dead.


The setting of this story has details in it that make it feel like it takes place in the future, while still maintaining older governments like aristocracies. I think that this combination makes the story more unique, as it is less predictable what will happen next.

Kier Vorsmith is an anomaly when compared to the rest of the characters in this book. He is very genuine and generally makes morally right decisions.  This is especially true in how he views women compared to the other male characters. When Captain White at the arctic base forcefully purchases a woman for him, Kier accepts this to avoid conflict but later tells the girl that he won't take advantage of her, and he lets her go. 

The way in which the author writes this story allows you to clearly imagine what is happening. However, the topics addressed in this fictional world make many of the situations that occur very disturbing. Because this book has humans being examined and auctioned off like slaves, as well as brothels being glorified, I don’t see this being an appropriate choice of book for ages 15 and under, especially with the varied uses of swear words. However, this story also shows elements of stuff that really happened in previous centuries, making it an eye-opening experience.

Overall, The Game of VORs was much different from the typical fantasy and science fiction book. I enjoyed the setting and the mixture of futuristic and dated ideals, as it made the book feel like it took place on a different planet. The beginning of the story starts out slow, but as it progressed, it dives deeper into the more exciting part of the plot. I would recommend this book to a mature audience, as it would be too much for a younger reader. I am glad that I read this book though, as it entertained, addressed social problems, and also included a very sympathetic and considerate main character.


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Includes various swear words--in many instances the f-word. Addresses several men and women characters being raped, but only once it went into detail. Prostitution and brothels are mentioned briefly, as well as the mentioning of slavery--men and women are sold off after being examined naked. Suicide is mentioned, as well as a graphically explained murder. A woman's bare chest is described, and it is clear that many of the characters have sexual relationships. Some of the characters drink alcohol--the main character being underage while doing so--and they are shown as being drunk in some situations.




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