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Freakling (The Psi Chronicles)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
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Taemon is a young man, just trying to get some control over his powers.  Everyone in the land of Deliverance can use psi - a magical power used for levitating, eating, opening doors, unlocking locks, and using other mechanical things.  While on the beach with his family, Taemon falls prey to a deadly trick.  Someone tries to drown him!  He mysteriously survives, but he does have one side-effect: his psi is gone.  

Who tried to kill him?  Why is his psi gone?  Will he be able to function without psi, or will he be sent to the asylum, the place where everyone is literally insane, and be stuck there for life?


I thoroughly enjoyed “Freakling”.  The plot was excellent, the characters engaging, and the time and setting - while not being hugely mentioned - perfectly complimenting to the story.

The plot was excellent.  The twists and turns the author used were simply perfect.  They were often unexpected, and kept me on the edge of my seat.  The style of writing - while simple - didn’t once confuse me.  The style helped me feel less like I was reading and more like I was actually in the story experiencing the situations along with the characters.

The characters were stunning.  They acted with reason, thinking things out, but not over-thinking and seeming less life-like.  The way they acted and the things they said are exactly what I would’ve expected a real person to say and do.

I have always had an issue with descriptions.  To me, they can make or break a story.  Either the book is teeming with them and has no action, or the book has too much action and no descriptions to help it along.  This book is the happy medium between those two options.  While describing the wonderful worlds mentioned in this book, the author does so with grace.  He does not overly-describe any place or person in this story, and he has a nearly perfect ratio between descriptions and action.  If anything, I would’ve liked for him to describe Taemon a little bit more!

I finished this book in little under a week, and I cannot express with words how much I enjoyed it! This page-turner is a welcome edition to my personal library; and it will be for any other sci-fi or fantasy buff.

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While there is no sex or drug usage involved, there is a bit of violence, but it is not worthy of a higher content rating.

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