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The Door to January
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Paranormal

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Natalie Payson has been having nightmares ever since she left her hometown of Bernier, Maine. Not the usual nightmares where you wake in a sweat, but the nightmares that seem like history. Nightmares that feel real. So Natalie heads back to Bernier to face her nightmares head-on. Will she discover what the nightmares mean? 


The first thing I was drawn to about this book was the cover art. I’m a sucker for great covers, and The Door to January’s cover is definitely amazing. It has an icy, wintery undertone with a shadowy figure pressed up against what seems to be glass. Very cool, and I have to give kudos to whoever designed it.

Now, onto the story. I really liked the main character, Natalie. Even though she was a teenager, I didn’t find her annoying or over-dramatized. Frequently, authors will make teenager characters childish and whiny, but that was not the case with Natalie. Natalie was very independent, and you could tell she wanted to do things on her own. However, that didn’t stop her from asking for help when it was needed.

I also liked the secondary character Teddy. He was supportive of Natalie every step of the way and was a great friend to her. But even though he was supportive, he didn’t blindly agree with everything she said. He questioned her motives, but at the end of the day was always right by her side. It’s a characteristic anyone would find endearing.

My only complaint would have to be that it took a little while for me to get into the book. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I requested it, but around a third of the way through it started to really pick up and I greatly enjoyed it. I also really liked the way the author easily explained things without sounding too juvenile. Oftentimes in young adult books (especially 12+), authors have a tendency to talk down to their readers, but Gillian French didn’t do this once, and it was something I greatly appreciated.

Overall, this is a great, swift read for anyone who likes paranormal fiction. 

Content Rating:

Content rating - some mature content

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Quite a few scenes of violence/murder and disturbing descriptions.

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