The Cold Is In Her Bones review by Booklover1111
The Cold Is in Her Bones
by Peternelle van Arsdale
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction
Five Star Award

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Milla knows the dangers of the town. The danger if she doesn’t take precautions. The danger of any young girl the demon possesses. Milla and her family do all that is necessary to keep the demon out of her. When her brother's potential fiancée, Iris, joins them for a visit, it looks like the demon has arrived. And she’s come through Iris. The only way to save Iris (Milla’s new and only friend) is to break the curse.

While Milla plans out her journey to save Iris, she stars experiencing the same symptoms that Iris felt right before she went crazy. Two new friends join Milla when the demon seeps into her: two snakes growing right above her ears. Why is Milla being affected by the demon differently than the other girls? Milla doesn’t know what will happen to her. What if the demon keeps growing inside her? Will she eventually take over Milla completely? Will Milla be able to save Iris? Or will things ever go back to normal? On this journey Milla, learns things about herself that she has never known before.


I really enjoyed this book. Every time I read it I was on the edge of my seat. It was very hard to put this book down. There was an element of suspense that kept me wanting to read more. If I had the time, I could have easily read the whole book in one sitting. Milla brought a strong and bold touch to the book. Her willpower was one of the reasons I wanted to keep reading. She could easily see what was wrong and come up with a plan to fix it. She liked to justify the wrong and make sure everyone got what they deserved. I liked the way the author talked about the demon, not in a scary or satanic way either. I am a Christian and this book didn’t offend me at all and I really appreciate how that author has consideration of other religions.

I did notice an editorial issue. While I was in the middle of a page, it said Chapter 18 in the normal text font, then continued to the next sentence. This made me check if there was a separate chapter heading for Chapter 18, as there were for the rest of the chapters, and sure enough it skipped from 17 to 19. This happened three times in the book. 

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