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Willa Snap and the Clockwerk Boy is a charming epic of how a normal girl is whisked into an adventure beyond her wildest dreams. Willa Snap's mother has created an invention that a person could put Washington D.C. inside of it, and once something is inside, everything within it is frozen in time.

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Moonlight in the Forest is a continuation of the FeyTerrah series with a few new twists. The ring bearers have been found, and with them, true friends of the fey as well. Lily and Dreamer are now given the task of gathering all the rules of FeyTerrah to decide on how to continue. The passage between the border of FeyTerrah and Earth has been extremely restricted, but Lily and Dreamer intend to change that. With true friends to the fey and elves in Earth, it might be a time for second chances.

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Milla knows the dangers of the town. The danger if she doesn’t take precautions. The danger of any young girl the demon possesses. Milla and her family do all that is necessary to keep the demon out of her. When her brother's potential fiancée, Iris, joins them for a visit, it looks like the demon has arrived. And she’s come through Iris. The only way to save Iris (Milla’s new and only friend) is to break the curse.

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The First Principle is a charming story about a teenage girl whose life is about to get flipped upside down. After one of Vivica's classmates is forcibly removed from a study hall by Population Management for her mandatory abortion after being found pregnant, Vivica speaks up. Little does she know that she is planting seeds of rebellion in her own life with those very actions. Only days after this she finds out that she herself is pregnant by her ex. Now she must save the child's life and the only people who can help her are the rebels.


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