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Milla knows the dangers of the town. The danger if she doesn’t take precautions. The danger of any young girl the demon possesses. Milla and her family do all that is necessary to keep the demon out of her. When her brother's potential fiancée, Iris, joins them for a visit, it looks like the demon has arrived. And she’s come through Iris. The only way to save Iris (Milla’s new and only friend) is to break the curse.

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I’m Ok is a book about a boy called Ok and the struggle of living in America with his mother. Ok and his mom go through a moving process to a smaller home. Ok’s has a braiding business at school, and he goes through the struggle of hating his soon-to-be new dad. Ok runs away to his father’s dream house and tries to live there for a couple of days, and his friends, Mickey and Asa go looking for him.

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Dealing in Dreams is set in a future metropolis where gender roles have been reversed and men are not allowed power over anyone. The dream shared by most is to live in the towers where only the elite are allowed. There are two main ways to get acceptance into the towers. One is to have a strong presence in the arts community and be noticed by the leader, Deesse. The other way is the most common; it involves getting noticed by Deesse for being in a gang. Young girls are forced into training camps where they are taught to fight.

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The First Principle is a charming story about a teenage girl whose life is about to get flipped upside down. After one of Vivica's classmates is forcibly removed from a study hall by Population Management for her mandatory abortion after being found pregnant, Vivica speaks up. Little does she know that she is planting seeds of rebellion in her own life with those very actions. Only days after this she finds out that she herself is pregnant by her ex. Now she must save the child's life and the only people who can help her are the rebels.

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Joey Kinkaid is the princess of Baker Street, and Eric Sinclair is the prince. They have been close friends since they were little, and now the terrors and troubles of middle school are tearing them apart. Joey does not make an easy friend; he comes to school dressed in the fashion of most girls with leggings, lip gloss, and a pink silk scarf. Eric, troubled by his lack of parenting and guidance at home, forces himself under the radar despite his wishes to help Joey so that no one finds out he lives alone.

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A story in which the phrase "through the eyes of the beholder" could not be more apt, Motorbikes and Camels is a short novel that would be enjoyed by readers with a liking for realistic fiction, romance, and culture. 

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I, Sofia-Elisabete, Love Child of Colonel Fitzwilliam by Robin Elizabeth Kobayashi is a charming novel that gives a new insight into living in the early 1800s.


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