Emma Sanford

Emma is a children’s author based in Cheshire. For many years, she wanted to write a children’s book that draws on her own experiences and helps young children overcome personal issues. One day, she had a light bulb moment. It dawned on her that porcupines have a very obvious defence mechanism where they show their quills, stamp their feet and chatter with their teeth when feeling threatened. They are also very cute, so perfect for a children’s picture book! Unfortunately, due to traumatic events in Emma's own life, she has also been defensive in situations where she didn’t need to be, and she was frightened to let people get close. The Problem With Poppy is a light-hearted and subtle way of teaching kids that while everybody has a natural defence mechanism, there is a time and a place to use it. By the end of the story, Poppy has learnt this valuable lesson and she makes a lifelong friend in the process


Emma  Sanford