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Shadow Fall is the gripping tale of Maia Graystone, a disgraced Bronze-class girl. She is given a chance to partake in the Shadow Trials, a series of tasks given to Golds who have fallen from the elite Gold court. The winner earns a spot on the Hyperion, a spaceship waiting to save the Chosen from the firey wrath of the asteroid Pandora. Maia will have to choose her alliances carefully and the prince she is paired with will make her question everything, including the life and love she had in the Gold court. Maia must trust someone to survive, the question is who?

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When an inexperienced Eylonian is assigned her first mission, she unexpectedly encounters a human veteran.

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Mari is the only child of an Earth Walker and a Companion, two tribes that are sworn enemies of each other. She has inherited the power to heal through the moon, just like her mother, an Earth Walker. After a terrible attack, Mari's world is torn apart and she is forced to live life on her own.

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This book is about a boy named Joseph who is loving to creatures. One day he stumbles upon an old lady, Mrs. Merryweather,  who tames mystical creatures for a living. She deems him her errand boy and pupil, as long as he doesn't tell anybody. But keeping that secret is hard when a big-shot CEO, Redwar, a bully, and his mom all want answers on what he's doing. Especially when Redwar wants to find the source of these mystical creatures. Truth is that Mrs.

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The Revelation Saga is a thrilling young adult series that follows the story of Gabriel Adam, a 17 year old boy, as he discovers that he is an archangel born as a human. Along the way, he meets the other three archangels and teams up with them to fulfill their destinies to save the world.

In the final installment, Gabe and the others race to close the portal connecting the Earth Realm to the Dark Realm. If they do not do this in time, the demon Mastema will release Hell on Earth.

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Mayberry Hansen is the new kid in Eden Grove, Minnesota. She was also the odd one out. With a style opposite to all of the other girls in high school and a sarcastic personality, she makes many enemies right away.
Marshall Jackson has always lived in the boring town of Eden Grove. He goes to school, comes home, and then goes back again the next day. With his family's failing finances, and his old broken-down house, Marshall doesn't really have much to smile or talk about. Marshall Jackson is not a popular boy.


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