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The Boggart Fights Back is about two kids named Jay and Allie.  Their parents own a store along the bay. When Mr. Trout wants to buy all of the land around Castle Keep, an old castle that has been around for a long time, they find out he will demolish the store with it.

The Boggart is a mischief-making, shape-shifting, and invisible creature. He likes to keep “his people” safe. When he sees all the problems Mr. Trout is causing, what will he do?

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Bees on the Roof is a book about a boy named Sam. Sam gets bee hives for a 7th grade science project. He and his three friends work together to raise the bees and save the restaurant where his father works. Bee allergies and problems with the hive cause so much trouble that Sam doesn’t know what to do. Will he fail his project? Will he have to take down the bee hives?

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Limerick Comics is a book with limericks (a certain type of poem) illustrated in comic style that includes fun pictures. Not only is this book full of funny limericks, but it also has interesting pieces of information relating to each limerick! It's easy-to-read style makes it fun for any age! 


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